Event Rental Policies

Payment & Terms

At the time your reservation is made, 50% of the rental amount is required. We do not deliver or pull items until payment has been received and we have a signed contract on file.

Cancellation Policy

A 50% cancellation fee of the rental will be charged on all cancellations within 72 hours of scheduled time plus delivery, setup, breakdown and any other extra labor charges secured for your rental if applicable.

Returns-Final Inspection

We reserve the right to modify charges for broken, missing, damaged or dirty items after they have gone through final inspection.

Delivery/Pickup & Setup/Breakdown

Typical delivery/pickup hours are Monday through Friday, during business hours. Additional delivery charges will apply for orders requiring delivery/pickup at specific times or before or after our typical hours of operation noted above.

If you require delivery/pickup outside of our normal delivery times, a minimum of $200 overtime fee will apply.

We cannot guarantee a specific delivery/pickup time without additional charge. To find out when your order is scheduled for delivery/pickup, please call the day before. We will give you an approximate time frame if deliveries/pickups go as planned.

All delivered equipment is dropped off in stacks as close to your requested area as can be reached with our delivery vehicle. All basic delivery/pickup is tailgate to tailgate.

If items must be transported to a specific area i.e. inside building, up stairs, elevators, etc. additional fees are charged.

Setup and breakdown service is available at an additional fee. If you set up the equipment, it is also your responsibility to break it down and return it to the place where it was delivered. If we arrive for pickup and equipment is not ready, we charge by the hour for standby time.

All items being picked up must be in the same location as we delivered them.

We will not set up or drop items, tents included, unless we have a representative on site.

Tent Staking and Installation

Tents we install will be staked into the ground. An additional fee will apply if we are staking into asphalt/concrete; please let us know in advance so we will bring the proper equipment. An additional drilling/patching fee will apply. If severe weather is predicted, we reserve the right to refuse to install a frame tent. Know what is underground before we arrive. We are not responsible for any underground utilities, sprinkler systems, septic systems, electrical, rocks, etc. Keep in mind that overhead clearance (i.e. electrical wires, tree branches, etc.) is also necessary. We offer water barrels for smaller tents in select applications.


Scrape solid food and debris from items and rinse clean, then return to the appropriate crates, return glassware to racks, and return flatware to buckets. We charge hourly for cleaning if not returned this way. You are responsible for any missing or damaged dishware and glasses and will be charged accordingly.

Note: These policies do not supersede what is stipulated in the signed rental contract.